Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How Would We Want To Be Treated?

I just found out that the governor of Idaho, Butch Otter, sent a letter to President Obama suggesting he halt efforts to provide sanctuary for Syrian refugees.  Governor Otter decided that Idaho will not be open to any refugees.  Period.

I'm guessing he has no family in Syria, but I wonder if his decision would be the same if he did.  What, I wonder, would he do if we were under attack as are the people of Syria?  He might, as would many others, pick up arms and fight, but what about his family?  Would he leave them in harm's way or beg for safe refuge, from say, Canada or Mexico?  How would he feel if they refused?  I was raised to treat others they way I want to be treated, and, if under attack, I would want my loved ones to have the option of a safe refuge.

For me the threat from terrorists is more real and frightening now than it has ever been.  Before 9-11, ordinary folks like me had very little perception of the looming threat from outside terror groups.  Now we know and I don't know about you, but it scares the shit out of me.  But, however frightened we may be, we cannot give in to the wishes of terrorists who, in seeking to wipe out anyone not like them, brutally and without a second thought, murder anyone and everyone in their path.  They do so in order to create chaos and paralyzing fear, to separate and weaken us and in the process, force millions of people to flee for their lives, seeking safe refuge from any and all who will take them in. 
If given a choice these people would stay in their homes, but they haven't been given one and Americans, of all people, should be willing to take in as many as refuge seekers possible.  After all, that is how our country was formed in the first place and the very reason we are the greatest nation in the world.  If we stop now and change who we are as a people and a nation, we are giving the terrorists exactly what they want.  We have already sacrificed many of our freedoms in the war on terror, but if we give in to fear and close our borders and our hearts to those in need, "the land of the free and the home of the brave" will no longer be either free or brave.